Del Norte Community School

School Description & Mission Statement
Del Norte Community School (DNCS), formerly the McCarthy Alternative Education Center, is a county school that is operated by the Del Norte County Office of Education. DNCS' primary goal is to assist students with behavior change to encourage active engagement in their education and create positive academic and social outcomes.

DNCS provides structure, real-life skills, enrichment, and opportunity for students in 7-12 grades who are having difficulty finding their paths.

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Rob Parker 
Juan Lobo Restrepo 
Jami Troyna
Krystal Farley
Travis Prince
Doug Tippman
Caryn Larson
Instructional Assistant
Resource Teacher
Educational Options Secretary

Parent Involvement
Parents are able to participate in the weekly interagency staff meetings regarding their students. Parents participate in the Wrap-Around Program in coordination with Probation and Mental Health. Parents regularly meet with school staff to discuss behavior and academic progress.
400 W. Harding Ave
Crescent City, CA 95531

Phone: 707-464-0750 
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